Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday


Are you a little slow on the uptake this morning after the long holiday weekend or have you plopped onto your desk chair with glee filled with the promise of Cyber Monday?

I have to say, I prefer Cyber Monday to Black Friday.

Even back in the stone age when I was a kid before the moniker of “Black Friday” existed, the day after Thanksgiving was the busiest shopping day of the year and was to be avoided by those who hated crowded malls and waking up early (me).

Huge brawls seem to break out every year on Black Friday. Nothing evokes the holiday spirit more than people coming to blows over some heavily discounted item.

I do understand the thrill of the hunt and can appreciate it. I, too, get a little giddy when I find something I really like at a great price, so kudos to those who are brave enough to venture out into the shopping wild.

That kind of pressure doesn’t exist on Cyber Monday. Heck, you don’t even have to take a shower or put on makeup to shop, and it can be done anytime during the day.

Yes, I prefer sipping my tea and clicking away this morning to the tune of free shipping.

How about you?


Fiona McGier said…
Since I unfortunately have a retail sales job as one of my p/t gigs, I HATE Black Friday. I've never been one to enjoy being in crowds of angry, tired, frustrated shoppers, so I never joined in this crazy ritual before I had to be there. But it's in-between paychecks for me right now, so I won't be shopping on Cyber-Monday either. I've already got some things stashed away, and I'll just pick things up as I can. The idea of having to have something because "everyone else has it", or to buy things on a certain day because "everyone else is doing it" just has no attraction for me.

So my answer is neither.
Kelly Hashway said…
Cyber Monday all the way! No lines, no crowds, no hassle.
R. Doug Wicker said…
Neither. We like supporting local businesses, so we did our shopping this year on Small Business Saturday.

I got Ursula a nice piece of jewelry at our local favorite jeweler, and she got me a new Beretta 84FS at my local favorite gun shop.

And, yes, we made sure to let the owners know that we were there specifically to support them on Small Business Saturday. You should have seen their eyes light up at that.
I totally understand, Fiona.

Kelly--you bet!

Doug--awesome! Good for you. :)

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