An Article, a Review, and a Wish


We interrupt this holiday respite for some breaking news...

A lovely article about my visit to the Buttonwood Book Club this past fall is featured in the Naperville Sun today. To read it, click here. We had a great discussion on a multitude of topics. It was really a wonderful evening. Big thanks to Karen Thomas (first row, left, next to me ) and all of the ladies. 

And, if that wasn't nice enough, Christmas Eve brought the best gift an author can receive — a five-star review on Amazon for A Bibliophile Christmas.

"Great book to put you in the Christmas spirit. I am now on a mission to read 
more of Berner's books. I loved the characters and how they are introduced."
5.0 out of 5 stars

Okay, back to revelry.

Happy New Year, dear readers. May 2013 bring you great joy. I will see you on January 7th.


BECKY said…
Congrats! That's wonderful news!
Helen Smith said…
Happy New Year, Karen.

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