Need Holiday Gift Ideas?


Good Monday morning, everyone. Why the chipper greeting, you ask? Crazy as this may seem, it is going to be 68°F today in Chicagoland — on December 3rd! Despite a bit of early-morning fog, it should be a great day.

With the calendar turning to December this past weekend, many people have plunged into Christmas shopping. Obviously, my answer to this is simple — books. However, I am mindful that not everyone shares my bibliophilic passion.

Having been at this Christmas shopping thing for a good many years now, I am offering some gift suggestions on Karen Cantwell's and my new blog, Books and Baubles: Holiday Tales for Your E-Reader. Karen and I put our heads together and brainstormed a few unique and fun presents I'm sure everyone on your list will love. To read the post, click here.

Hope this makes your holiday shopping a little easier.

While you are there, don't forget to stop by our giveaway page. One grand prize winner will receive an amazon gift card plus all of the stories showcased. Five lucky runners-up will win copies of Karen's A Spirited Christmas and my A Bibliophile Christmas.

Good luck!


Kelly Hashway said…
Gift ideas are always welcome!
Janel Gradowski said…
Hopping over to see your new blog and suggestions.

We had a minor thunderstorm on December 1. Although today my daughter came home and said a teacher said we'd have a harsh winter because the squirrels are so fat right now. :)
Patricia said…
Your new blog sounds exciting ... I'll be right over! It was like spring in Toronto yesterday. What's going on?
Kelly: How about it? Karen Cantwell had some fun ones, didn't she?

Janel: We shall see, right?

Patricia: Thanks! Hope you like it. :)
Thank you for the heads up. Posts like yours are badly needed this holiday season since most people would need help on holiday gift ideas for their loved ones.

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