Do you pay attention to the voice within? Heed the soft whisper that reveals what you already instinctively know?

When I first started Bibliophilic Blather, I was trying to figure out what I could offer the blogosphere that would set me apart. I chose my journalism years with “Editing for Grammarphobes,” while “Flash Fiction Fridays” harkened more to my old magazine days of soliciting for manuscripts and such.

Through these features, I met some fellow word nerds and many wonderful writers of all genres for whom I am very grateful. What I did not anticipate was how much time it would take to produce three posts per week plus manage my own books and new releases.

This year, 2013, is the Year of the Black Snake according to the Chinese calendar. The snake is a studious creature of steady progress and attention to detail. According to what I read, it requires peaceful solitude to use its analytical skills. Focus and discipline will be required to complete the tasks at hand.

I, too, have been feeling the need for quiet reflection, craving a time to write more and challenge myself to move onto the next level.

Consequently, I’ve decided to restructure Bibliophilic Blather, discontinue “Flash Fiction Fridays” and “Editing for Grammarphobes,” and only post once a week on various topics ranging from fantastic books to interesting facts about classic literature and the literary masters, to tidbits I will find while researching the third Bibliophiles book starring prim anglophile Thaddeus and leftover flower child Spring. Who knows? It might even be anything that pops into my head that particular week.

As the Year of the Black Snake encourages, it is time for me to spend the majority of the day writing, coiled up in my office, making steady progress on my novels and the craft itself.

I hope you will continue to take this journey with me as we all head into a year of contemplation, study, and focus. Just think of all the wonderful things that will come out it!

Here’s to shedding our skins and emerging anew in 2013.

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Karen Cantwell said…
I completely understand, Karen! It really is so important as a writer to focus and keep the writing moving. The work you do on the blog and the stories have been fun, but you can always share fun stories you've read elsewhere during your 1 blog post each week. Best of luck with your writing in 2013 - I know it will be great.
R. Doug Wicker said…
Best of wishes for the New Year, Karen. I hope that your blog changes work out for you as intended.
Karen: Thanks so much for your encouragement.

R. Doug: I hope so, too. All the best in 2013!
Mary Thompson said…
Happy New Year, Karen! Your books are on my reading list for this year, and I thank you for publishing my flash fiction.
You are very welcome, Mary. Hope you enjoy the books and all the best in 2013.
"...time for me to spend the majority of the day writing, coiled up in my office, making steady progress on my novels and the craft itself." << ME TOO!!! Happy New Year, Karen. Here's to a wonderful writing year ahead!
It's been a long time since I sent in a flash fiction piece - I obviously left it too late ;) But you need to do what makes you happy, and focusing on your writing sounds like a great idea! Best of luck in 2013!
Janel Gradowski said…
I'm sorry to see Flash Fridays go, but so happy that I participated! I am reorganizing and refocusing myself these days, so I understand, though. Have fun with your new freedom. :)
Beverly Diehl said…
Totally there with you re: cutting back on the blogging. It's fun, I love it - but I need time to work on the actual MS!!

Glad you're not going away, just cutting back.
Suzanne Tyrpak said…
Thank you for all you've done, Karen. I really appreciate the space you've held for writers and your encouragement.

I understand journeying inward. May the rewards be great.
Julia: To you, as well!

Jason: Thanks, Jason. :)

Janel: I will. I'm sure you understand after doing something very similar for yourself recently. Looking forward to reading "Must Love Sandwiches."

Beverly: I want to stay in touch with all of the wonderful people I have been through the blog like you!

Suzanne: Thank you very much for your kind words.
Leanne said…
Karen, thank you for the wonderful support I've received as one of your contributing authors. You've helped my writing soar to new heights.
I honour your commitment to the craft and wish you much success with your career.
Karen, You are so wise to re-evaluate and make the necessary changes to reach your goals. Thanks for the great insights and for letting me contribute to your Flash Fiction Fridays. I'll look forward to your weekly postings. Good luck with your future plans.
Leanne: It was my pleasure. Great working with you. :)

Jeanette: Thank you, Jeanette. Your wishes are much appreciated.
John Wiswell said…
May your new blogging pattern serve you well, Karen. Do you have any topics you're looking forward to tackling in the upcoming weeks?
Thanks, John. I'm mostly going to write about whatever strikes me that week. I do know I will be celebrating the upcoming big anniversary for Pride and Prejudice. Never want to miss an opportunity to discuss our dear Miss Austen, you know. :)
Richard Bon said…
Hi Karen, I'll miss both of these features, but the changes you're making are well understood. Best of luck with the new format, and thank you for having me as a contributor to FFF over the last couple of years.
Thanks a lot, Richard. I look forward to reading more on Liminal Fiction.

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