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What's Better Than That Gold Statue?


I love the Oscars. The glamour. The dresses. It’s really the only time I act very girlie, watching all the actresses glide down the red carpet, draped in beautiful couture, stunning diamonds adorning their wrists.

My favorite part? Fantasizing about what it would be like to win one of the writer awards, either Best Original Screenplay or Best Adapted Screenplay. I like to think that without the writers, none of this would be possible. This is not true, of course, but a woman can dream, can’t she?

My oldest son came home from college Saturday night for a quick visit. His brother and I picked him up from the train station, while my husband orchestrated a sushi dinner for us to enjoy upon our return. Since there are no sushi restaurants in his western Illinois college town, it was a nice treat for our freshman.

It had been about two months since we’d all been together, the longest we were ever apart. The four of us got caught up on each other’s lives. We hea…

The Love Seat Diaries


Random Musings of the Congested Mind

My family has been ill with wicked sinus infections for the past two weekends now. My son started it off last week, I continued the trend on Thursday, and my husband succumbed on Saturday. Per usual, my husband is already back to work today, while I have not moved from my sickness perch — the love seat in our family room.

My head has been too congested to read or think, something that is usually required to do one’s job, so all I have been able to do is watch television. Thank goodness for video streaming. It has saved me from afternoons of daytime talk shows, Bravo reality series, and reruns of The Brady Bunch, the same reruns I used to watch when I was home sick thirty-five years ago.

So I present to you today a faithful account of my days stuck on our mini-sofa — The Love Seat Diaries.

Day One

Get son to school. Not wanting him to get soaked by torrential rain after just getting over his own sinus infection, I drive h…

Ravens Win!


Did you know I started out writing sports way back in the day in high school, covering basketball for the school newspaper? It was fairly easy since I was already one of the stat takers, you know, the people at the table keeping track of how many points, assists, fouls, and various other things that happen for your team.

I knew basketball pretty well, but my real love was football. I was actually Captain Stat sophomore through senior year, no cape or costume though, just a football jersey, which I wore while supervising the other stat takers on the sidelines, teaching them offense, defense, and special teams.

I got hit in the head with players’s shoulder pads on a regular basis and almost got pummeled as the play came my way out of bounds. My head was down recording the opponent’s pass to the left flat, so I had no idea what was coming. Fortunately, one of the players on the sidelines picked me up and moved me out of harms way.

This morning, I am basking …

Last Day to Purchase UNTIL for 99¢


Happy Friday, everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that this is the last day of my two-week "Beat the Winter Blues" sale. Until My Soul Gets It Right is only 99¢ for Kindle and Nook until midnight tonight. The novel has been getting great reviews and has a  4.5-star average on Amazon, 4-star average at, and a 4.5-star average on Goodreads .

Until My Soul Gets It Right (The Bibliophiles: Book Two)

"Until My Soul Gets It Right is another winner...Five stars"
— BigAl's Books and Pals

"I read it entirely in one day, I just couldn't put it down! Catherine Elbert inspires you to go out and do the things you want to do."
— Goodreads review

"This excellent addition to the series will endear readers to the Bibliophiles indefinitely!"
— Lovey Dovey Books blog

You can't run away from yourself.

Catherine Elbert has never been good at making decisions, whether it was choosing an ice cream flavor as a small chi…