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Big News


Last Wednesday, Spring arrived via the vernal equinox, a time when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night are exactly the same. Traditionally, it is a season of fertility and new growth, as well as a chance to clean out the old mental cobwebs and try something new.

This is the perfect time to tell you about something I have been working on lately. I've decided to release second editions of A Whisper to a Scream and Until My Soul Gets It Right, both of which will have bonus material to enhance your reading experience.

The new Reader's Guide will feature Questions and Discussion Topics for Book Clubs, as well as a section on how to Read Along with the Bibliophiles, including party and menu ideas for book club meetings.

The fantastically talented artists at Streetlight Graphics are busy creating new covers for all of my work. They also are designing new custom interiors for the paperback editions.

This is all very exc…

Until Nominated for a Readers' Choice Award


I'm excited to announce that Until My Soul Gets It Right has been nominated for a Reader's Choice Award at BigAl's Books and Pals, the permier indie review site, in the contemporary fiction category.

Here's a little bit from the email I received.

In the twelve months ending February 28th, 2013, BigAl and the Pals received over 1,400 books to consider for review. Almost 300 of them were selected, read, and reviewed. From those we chose the books we felt stood out from the pack as exceptional examples of Indie (self-published and small press) writing and divided them into eleven categories.

Your book, Until My Soul Gets it Right, is nominated in the Contemporary Fiction category. Congratulations.

For two weeks, starting March 18th at 10:00 Eastern Time and ending at Midnight Eastern Time on April 1st, we'll be asking readers to vote for the winner in each category. Winners will be announced the morning of Wednesday, April 3rd. We'll als…

If Music Be the Food of Literature, Play On


Music has always played a huge role in my life, first as a vocalist performing in school talent shows, local entertainment revues, musicals, and two choirs. I was certain this was my calling at the age of seven, when I practiced singing Partridge Family songs into my hairbrush (karaoke wasn’t invented way back then). It continued up until junior year in high school when I discovered both journalism and the multiple layers of symbolism and genius in Moby Dick. A light bulb flashed above my head, and I knew writing was my true path.

Although it has been many years since I have performed, most mornings before I sit down at the computer, I sing something to get focused. When I was writing Until My Soul Gets It Right, it was Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over.” Now, it’s another Florence song, “Shake It Out,” that helps me exorcize the demons of self-doubt.

I have specific music for writing copy for my freelance account and for writing fiction, classi…

Grammar Geeks Unite


Today is National Grammar Day. Hooray!

Christina Milanowski wrote a great article on the social media and tech terms we all use and their proper spellings and citations last Thursday. Check out "A Social Media Grammar Lesson: 24 Tech Terms You Can't Live Without."

To celebrate, here are some of my favorite grammar tips from Bibliophilic Blather's Editing for Grammarphobes days.

Affect, Effect

When used as a verb, “affect” means to influence, according to The Associate Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law. "Effect"means to cause. Used as a noun, “effect” means result.


The weather affects traffic patterns.

The new mayor will effect many changes in the city.

He did not realize the effect his actions would have upon others.


This word does not exist. Period. Always use regardless.

Where Does the Apostrophe Go?

I apologize for sounding harsh, but there have been way too many misplaced apostrophes when writing …