The Perfect Mother's Day Present


I’m surprised I like being a mom as much as I do.

This is a shocking thing to read, I’m sure, especially with the impending holiday, but there it is.

When I was young, I fantasized about having my own job and apartment like Mary Richards on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Sure, I had played with baby dolls, but only briefly before I discovered that Barbie had career choices. I had the airplane and the grocery store. My doll needed a cool ride to work, so I got the Corvette, too.

I had never even thought about having children until I met my husband. Then my first son was born, and I fell in love utterly and completely. I finally understood. Then it happened again, when my youngest arrived, and I haven’t been the same since.

The joy of seeing him take his first steps, then walking across the stage to receive his diploma. Teaching him how to play ball, then watching as he scores the winning lacrosse goal. The pride of listening to them play the drums and electric guitar. And feeling your heart break right along with theirs as you attempt to hug the tears away.

Motherhood has given me two best friends, but really better than best friends because I have literally been there since their first moments of life. I cherish every moment I have with my sons.

There have been three phases of great love in my life. First, my parents, then my husband, and lastly, my boys. Each a different kind of love, each building on intensity. My sons have learned from me, sure, but I have learned far more from them.

My mother passed away when my oldest was almost three. There was so much I wish I could have shared with her throughout the years. But then again, I’m pretty sure she knew because she had felt it too when she held me in her arms all those years ago.

Those same feelings that all of you moms out there have felt.

They are the true gifts of Mother’s Day.


Leah Griffith said…
Happy Mother's Day Karen. Your post made me pause, remembering my debut as a mom, lying in my hospital bed cradling Ben, my first born, and sniffing into his feathery crop of baby hair, thinking I'd never smelled anything as heavenly before. 32 years later and I'm still amazed at how much I adore him and my two girls. Unfortunately the divine baby scent has long disappeared.

Happy Mother's Day to you as well, Leah. Yes, there is nothing like that sweet baby smell. Kinda crazy to think the next time we will get that is if our kids choose to have children??!!??
BooksAndPals said…
" Kinda crazy to think the next time we will get that is if our kids choose to have children??!!??"

And in many ways that is even better. :)
Looks like I have something great to look forward to!
Kelly Hashway said…
Happy Mother's Day! Every year I tell my daughter the best Mother's Day gift I ever got was her. She is my world. :)
Happy Mother's Day to you as well, Kelly! Your daughter is a lucky girl!
Janel Gradowski said…
What a lovely post. I never really wanted children either, always saying that if my husband and I couldn't have children I wouldn't try adopting. Then I had my daughter and everything changed. :)

Happy Mother's Day!
Claudine G. said…
Happy Mother's Day, Karen. Your sons and best friends are very fortunate to have you!
It's amazing, isn't it, Janel? Hope you had a great one!

Claudine, thank you for your lovely words.

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