A Bibliophile Christmas FREE July 18-22

Tired of scorching hot weather? Humidity? Your kids? I know I am.

Just kidding on the last one. I love having my guys home for the summer. ((wink))

Well, grab an iced mocha or chai, turn the AC up, and settle on in with "A Bibliophile Christmas," my mid-year gift to you FREE on Amazon July 18 through July 22. Here's the link.

Sarah Anderson and Annie Jacobs have not had the best of years. And now, here come the holidays.


Sarah's husband Tom is stuck in Boston after a nor'easter dumps a foot of snow on the day he is scheduled to leave for home. And Annie is working hard at picking up the pieces of her life after a painful divorce. 

But, maybe with a little help from their friends, Christmas won't be a total wash after all.

Five stars! "Great book to put you in the Christmas spirit. I am now on a mission to read more of Berner's books. I loved the characters and how they are introduced."
— Amazon reviewer

Four stars! "At turns funny, frustrating (at least for the characters), and touching, 'A Bibliophile Christmas' is a fun read that will be appreciated by fans of Berner's series or anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit. Chances are you'll recognize situations you've experienced yourself. Four stars."
—BigAl's Books & Pals


angel011 said…
Do you know about the "Amazon Surcharge"? They charge $2 more for e-books in most international countries, no matter what your price is (and none of that extra money goes to the author).
I've heard that one exists, but I wasn't sure how much it was. That's absurd for international e-books--more than what so many of them cost, including my Christmas story!
Leah Griffith said…
What a great idea! I've got my copy and I intend to take it with me on vacation where I will enjoy Christmas in August. LOL! Can't wait!
Ramona said…
This is awesome!

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