Celebrate Indie-pendence Day


Happy 4th of July, Americans!

Today is a great day for backyard barbecues, fireworks, and books, of course. Several former Flash Fiction Fridays contributors, as well as a few of my writer blog buddies, have been nominated in the eFestival of Words Best of Independent eBook Awards contest. 

Please show them your support by clicking here to be directed to the site, register, then proceed to the Awards Hall to begin voting. 

Here's a list of my favorite nominees.

Best Novel: Cosette's Tribe by Leah Griffith

Best Short Story: They Say You Can Stop Yourself Breathing by Jack Urquhart

Best Short Story Collection: If I Had My Way by Lena Sledge

Best General Fiction: Cosette's Tribe by Leah Griffith

Best Literary Fiction: Drawing Breath by Laurie Boris

Congratulations on your nominations and good luck!


Leah Griffith said…
Thank you Karen for featuring your fellow Indie writers. This is an exciting time for writers every where to be able to follow their dreams for publications. Your support has been stunning.

Happy Indie-pendence Day my friend!
That's very nice of you to say. I am a fan of good writing and like to advance it any way I can. :)
Laurie Boris said…
Thank you, Karen! And a very happy indie-pendence Day to you!
Laurie Boris said…
And Leah, congrats on TWO nominations! Fabulous!

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