Editing for Grammarphobes: Monday Vocabulary List


I know it's summer, but I couldn't resist giving you all a traditional Monday vocabulary list like back in our school days.

I came across these while researching archaic words for Thaddeus Mumblegarden to use in the third Bibliophiles book (title yet to be determined). He is a true logophile (lover of words) and is particularly chuffed about Brit Speak. The first of two men in the Bibliophiles book club, Thaddeus yearned to major in English in college, but was forced to do something "more practical" by his ex-jock father and now trudges his way through unfulfilling days as a computer programmer. Wonder what he will find to free him from this ennui?

I had a great time proudly flying my word nerd flag and learning all of these new terms. How many do you know?

Blatherskite: One who will not stop talking.

Discophora: A group of jellyfish.

Naupathia: Sea sickness.

Rectalgia: A pain in the butt.

Redactophobia: A fear of editing and/or editors. (I kid you not!)

Rustication: Taking a trip to the countryside.

Saulie: A person who is hired to mourn.

Self-aggrandize: To make oneself more attractive by artificial means.

Snurl: To turn one's nose up in scorn.

Zob: A worthless person.

For more rare and obscure words, check out the Grandiloquent Dictionary.


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angel011 said…
Great words! I guessed the meaning of redactophobia, but had no idea about the others.
Leah Griffith said…
This was so much fun! Funny how some words sound just like what they mean. Like crunch;)

These were all new to me. I love it!
Hooray! I am so glad you enjoyed them angel011 and Leah.
Beverly Diehl said…
Oh, this is fun. Bookmarking for later reference and sharing.

Snurl. Love it.
So glad to be of service, Beverly. Snurl was one of my favorites as well.
Kelly Hashway said…
Ooh, I learned a few new words. Thanks!
It's always a good day when new words are added to the arsenal.
Rosemary said…
I'm loving "snurl!"
Another snurl fan! I think I will have to work it into my WIP.

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