July Sale: Bibliophiles Books 50% Off at Smashwords


To celebrate summer (or winter, if you are in the southern hemisphere), Smashwords is having a July Summer/Winter Sale, which features some great ebooks for anywhere from 25% to 75% off. Click here  to download titles for iPad, Nook, Sony, Kobo, or any free reading app.

A Whisper to a Scream or Until My Soul Gets It Right are both on sale there for 50% off until July 31.

A Whisper to a Scream has been hailed for its “fluid prose and realistic dialogue” and has been called “a vivid portrayal of contemporary marriage.” Praised by Publishers Weekly for its “fearless truthfulness,” the novel centers around Sarah, a stay-at-home mother of two, and Annie, a PR executive dealing with fertility issues. When they meet through a classics book club, each thinks the other ones life is so much better than her own. But ultimately, they learn otherwise.

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Called a “wicked fun” novel of “self-discovery, redemption, and forgiveness,” Until My Soul Gets It Right follows farm girl Catherine Elbert as she bounces from U.S. coast to coast in search of her true self. A 2013 Readers’ Choice Nominee for Contemporary Fiction at the widely popular BigAl’s Books & Pals review blog, it is a story about growing up, making peace with one’s past, and finding a little love along the way.

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Kelly Hashway said…
Got to love a sale!
Definitely, Kelly. There are a lot of good books participating.
angel011 said…
I hope you see a huge increase in sales!

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