It's Going to be a Great Week


I'm the featured author this week on Awesome Trilogies and Series, a website by the very awesome William LK. I'm delighted to join the ranks of amazing authors such as Hugh Howey, Helen Smith, Karen Cantwell, and Donna Fasano.

Click here to see what my favorite book and movie series are, plus a how I was inspired to become a writer in high school.

This is going to be a great week. How could it not? Halloween is Thursday, and, you probably know this by now, it's my favorite holiday. Later on in the week, I'll tell you why.

Happy Monday,


Beverly Diehl said…
Finally got over there, and couldn't find a spot to leave comments there, so I'm back here, instead.

Nice interview, and I really like the new covers - they all look like they belong together now.

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