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Please excuse this brief commercial interruption.

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Also, did you know that you can sign up to be notified through Amazon when any of my new books come out? It's on my Author Central page. Just click on the "E-mail me when there are new releases by Karen Wojcik Berner" and you're done. Amazon will let you know when the third Bibliophiles book is coming out.

Hint: It's going to be later on this year!

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Now back to regular Bibliophilic Blather blogging. 

Thanks much,


BECKY said…
Hi Karen! I just signed up for your newsletter!! Hmmm, wonder where you got that idea?! :)
Like I told you about mine, though...I just need to come up with some newsy news to write!
Hi, Becky. Hope you don't mind me mentioning mine, too. Thanks for signing up. I just recently learned about the link on the Author Central page on Amazon, so I wanted to give that a plug as well.
Kelly Hashway said…
I just recently learned that you can sign up for those emails because someone told me they did it for my books. I think it's a great feature.

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