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I set up a pretty ambitious 2014 writing and production schedule earlier this year. It's crunch time for my work-in-progress, which is not a Bibliophiles book, but rather a romance that I have been working on since the summer. I'm very excited about this new story. It's filled with wonderful characters in an entirely different genre for me. It's almost done. I just need to tweak a couple of things and wrap up the plot in a spectacular fashion.

Last week, I also revisited the third book in the Bibliophiles series after shelving it for awhile to work on the romance novel. I'm delighted to report that it is moving along really well and that our dear Thaddeus and Spring will have some wonderful stories to tell you when it's finished. I'm shooting for a Fall 2014 release.
I'm working on these two in tandem, as well as planning a Bibliophile short story with a vacation theme for Catherine and Will from Until My Soul Gets It Right

Grammar Fun


It's Monday. The kids are home from school. It's snowing again in Chicagoland, and I know the east coast is digging out yet again from another storm. The northwest United States, along with all of Great Britain and Wales, have received, what, 56,000 inches of rain over the past month?

Everyone could use a little chuckle.

I've been in editing mode, so here are some of my favorite grammar jokes.

Have a good week, Bibliophiles.

I Don't (HEART) Valentine's Day


My youngest son called me “The Killer of Love” the other day.

I was shocked. All I had said was that I hate Valentine’s Day decorations and that when I see a house with a frilly heart-shaped wreath on its door, my first instinct is to want to blow it up with a bazooka.

Is that so wrong?

It’s true. I do have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Some years have been great with flowers and fancy dinners, while others, no so much.

It’s not that I hate the concept of Valentine’s Day. We all could use a little more love in our lives and a special time to celebrate it is a nice thought. I think what I really dislike are the trappings.

First off, why so much pink? Used to be, Valentine’s Day was red and white. Good, solid colors. With the age of everything for females having to be pink, the infernal color commandeered the holiday and drove it off a cliff.

Second, although I am female, I feel sorry for men at this time of year. There’s so much pressure, …

Seahawks Fan? Count Me In


Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Wow. The Seattle Seahawks demolished the Denver Broncos 43-8 in a defensive tour de force that looked like a clinic in how to play effective D.

As the mother of a linebacker, I cannot be more happy for MVP Malcolm Smith, whose interception and pick six gave Seattle a 22-0 lead early in the game and definitely set the tone for what was to come. Smith also had an impressive nine tackles.

I love the narrative of this team, from the quarterback that was constantly told he was too short to play in the NFL, to the spirit of this, one of the younger teams (both in age and in total years in the league), and, of course, their winning their first championship in the franchise's history.

I really love the Seahawks' relationship with their fans. There's an old adage in football about the fans in the stadium being the 12th man on the field, right alongside the players, and the sound level in Seattle this year defin…