I set up a pretty ambitious 2014 writing and production schedule earlier this year. It's crunch time for my work-in-progress, which is not a Bibliophiles book, but rather a romance that I have been working on since the summer. I'm very excited about this new story. It's filled with wonderful characters in an entirely different genre for me. It's almost done. I just need to tweak a couple of things and wrap up the plot in a spectacular fashion.

Last week, I also revisited the third book in the Bibliophiles series after shelving it for awhile to work on the romance novel. I'm delighted to report that it is moving along really well and that our dear Thaddeus and Spring will have some wonderful stories to tell you when it's finished. I'm shooting for a Fall 2014 release.

I'm working on these two in tandem, as well as planning a Bibliophile short story with a vacation theme for Catherine and Will from Until My Soul Gets It Right and penning a few magazine articles and essays.

My desk. Massive quantities of caffeine not pictured. 
With all of this writing, something has to take a backseat, and since it can't be my family since they do have to eat, the house still has to be managed, my youngest must be carted around to various sports and practices, and my oldest perpetually needs money in college, it will have to be this blog. 

I'm going to check in periodically, but not weekly for awhile, until my word counts are sufficient and my plot lines are resolved. Know that I will be thinking of all of you as I sit under Virginia Woolf's constant gaze and near Jane Austen's silhouette, typing away. 

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All the Best,


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the new books!
Kelly Hashway said…
Busy, busy! I'm glad you are allowing yourself to step away from the blog a bit so you don't overwhelm yourself. It's important to remember we can't do everything all the time.
Definitely, Kelly. You know this better than anyone I know with all of your books and the editing you juggle.
Enjoy the books and other writing, too, and I'm right there with you on the balancing act!
Good luck to you, Julia. It's a tricky business.
Richard Bon said…
Good luck, Karen! I know how you feel w/r/t schedule overload. Glad you at least found time to watch the Super Bowl. I felt bad for Peyton, but I picked the Seahawks and really like Russell Wilson. Take care.
I share your dilemma, Karen! There comes a point when something has to give. All the best with the writing, which has to come before blogging. Let's link up on fb.
Definitely, Deborah. Thanks for joining my FB author page.

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