Grammar Fun


It's Monday. The kids are home from school. It's snowing again in Chicagoland, and I know the east coast is digging out yet again from another storm. The northwest United States, along with all of Great Britain and Wales, have received, what, 56,000 inches of rain over the past month?

Everyone could use a little chuckle.

I've been in editing mode, so here are some of my favorite grammar jokes.

Have a good week, Bibliophiles.


Patricia said…
Love all of these, particularly the final jab! Thanks for Monday morning chuckles.
Patricia, you are welcome. Thanks for stopping day.
Claudine G. said…
I thought the toast was the funniest!
Me, too, Claudine. I love that one.
Deborah said…
Grate fun. Ouch, have to be careful, though.

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