And the Official Title of Bibliophiles 3 Is…


I have emerged triumphant!

I've always wanted to say that. The reality is I have emerged with a completed manuscript that is on my editor's desk as I write this blog post.

Same difference, right?

It's been a crazy week, bibliophiles. My eldest started his junior year in college. His girlfriend from California came in over the weekend to visit and then to join him on their way back to school. My youngest, the football player, strained his quad muscle and on crutches for two weeks. And I made my deadline and put the finishing touches on Bibliophiles 3, which will be called (cue the trumpets)…


More details to come.


Anonymous said…
I hope your youngest recovers without problems, and congrats on the book!
BooksAndPals said…
That title is a real Mindbender. (If you can sneak obscure musical references in the title, I can do the same in comments, right?)

Can't wait to read it. :)
Chrys Fey said…
I love that title! :D
Quanie Miller said…
Yes, great title! Kudos to you for finishing up that manuscript:)
Glad you like it, Quanie. Thanks for stopping by.
Glad you like it, Kelly. It's quite apropos.
Thanks, Chrys. I'll be sharing a bit more about it soon.

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