Holiday Wishes 2014


When the kids were young, I felt overwhelmed by the holidays. So much to do. So much festivity to host. So much magic to create. Work parties. Family parties. Friend parties. Classroom parties. New Year’s Eve parties.

To mitigate such a schedule required supreme organizational skills, but hey, I wasn’t the editor-in-chief for my personality. I was the organizer-in-chief, and that definitely spilled into my personal life. Some called me “anal,” but I prefer to think of it as “competent.”

In the past, by this time, all the presents were wrapped and under the tree, at least five double batches of cookies had been baked plus fudge and/or chocolate-covered pretzels with assorted holiday sprinkles, the cards were sent, the decorations up, and the kids had seen Santa and took the precious picture upon the jolly one’s lap.

Granted, I don’t think my sons, now ages 15 and 20, would appreciate the Santa shot, but besides that, I have done nothing else on that list yet. Nothing!

Gifts are strewn around my office unwrapped. I still need to finish shopping. What am I serving on Xmas eve? Who knows? And baking? I give up. The neighbors will get bottles of our favorite aperitif.

I don’t have anywhere near the amount of December events anymore since my husband’s immediate family all moved to Arizona. Work parties are all but nonexistent, and certainly spouses are no longer invited in this business atmosphere. My days as a room parent running the school parties are definitely over.

Then why am I so behind this year?

I thought things would be easier when the kids grew up. Instead, however, other things have replaced all the parties and Santa sightings. Things like book releases, work deadlines, and household repairs have monopolized my time lately. Real-world stuff.

I’m not good with reality. That’s why I’m a writer. I get mired down in the muck of every day life. It weighs me down like quicksand.

What I need is to reconnect with my festive side, the area who knows Santa personally and giggles at the sight of snow.

I know she’s in here somewhere.

As for you, dear readers, I wish you all the joy the holidays can bring. Whatever kind of celebration you prefer, be it glittery and social or more subdued and peaceful, I hope it is filled with love and fun. And, as always, thank you for being a part of my bibliophilic universe.

Next week, I’ll share my favorite books of 2014 as we bid the year adieu, then the countdown the to A Groovy Kind of Love begins with posts about the various locations in the book and excerpts to whet your appetite.

Happy Holidays, my friends.


Gina Stoneheart said…
Karen, I have been trying to thrust myself into the Christmas spirit but as you mentioned, the ups and downs everyday life can really get in the way. I didn't even bake for Thanksgiving this year which was out of character. My family was shocked when I walked through the doors with no festive containers filled with delicious baked goods.
But like you, I am looking for ways to reconnect with the Christmas spirit. This is one of the greatest times of the year and we owe it to our creative side to get down and be creative for Christmas!
Happy holidays and I wish you the best of luck getting your holiday groove back.
Same to you, Gina. We will find it, right?
Kelly Hashway said…
Yeah, I'm not ready at all. My house is still under construction. My kitchen is a nightmare at the moment. It has to be fixed before Christmas though since we're hosting. I need a Christmas Eve miracle. ;)

Merry Christmas!
Good luck, Kelly! Happy Holidays!
Mia Hayson said…
I hope all went well! Normally I am the opposite, no organisation whatsoever, but this year almost all the presents arrived on time! Maybe I stole some of your magic/christmas spirit. If so I am sorry!!

Hope you have a great festive season.

You, too, Mia. And if you do have my spirit, you are welcomed to it. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

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