February Announcements: Trivia Tuesday, A Groovy Kind of Love Book Tour


I can't believe we are a full one month into 2015, can you? That's just crazy. Anyhow, I wanted to let you know about a few things coming up this month.

I've always loved trivia games. As a kid, I was a game show junkie. The awesome Trivial Pursuit was the official game of the Wojcik household since its origins in the early eighties. Before that, my father used to quiz me on pretty much anything he could think of, stuff like music, state capitals, singers, or U.S. presidents. He'd always preface the question with "For one million dollars…"

So I'm really excited to announce a new feature here on Bibliophilic Blather —Trivia Tuesday. I know it's already a meme on Twitter, but it's new to me. Trivia Tuesday will feature questions on a variety of topics, including classic lit (of course), music, movies, sports, history, or anything that strikes my fancy that week. You and I can test our knowledge and/or learn new things. Sounds fun, right?

February also heralds a new blog tour for A Groovy Kind of Love. I happy to report that the previous tour with PBT garnered lots of great reviews. This time, it's a month-long extravaganza with interviews, guest posts, and spotlights with Juniper Grove Book Solutions. I'm eager to share Groovy with more fellow bibliophiles throughout the month.

Here's the Juniper Grove book tour schedule. To follow along, click here.

February 2nd – Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews (Tens List)
February 3rd – The Book Elf’s Nook (Spotlight)
February 4th – Mythical Books (Interview)
February 5th – Mary’s Cup of Tea (Spotlight)
February 6th – Second Book on the Right (Spotlight)
February 9th – Platypire Reviews (Interview)
February 10th – Susan Heim on Writing (Spotlight)
February 11th – You Had Me At Free Book (Book Review)
February 11th – Mel’s Shelves (Spotlight)
February 12th – Coffee Books and Art (Spotlight)
February 13th – Paulette’s Papers (Spotlight)
February 16th – The Moral of Our Stories (Spotlight)
February 17th – A Room With Books (Interview)
February 18th – Booklover’s Lounge (Spotlight)
February 18th – A Word Please (Interview)
February 19th – The Wonderings of One Person (Spotlight)
February 20th – Kristy Centeno (Spotlight)
February 23rd – Keep Calm & Write On (Spotlight)
February 23rd – A Cup and A Book (Book Review)
February 24th – The Cheshire Cat’s Looking Glass (Guest Post)
February 25th – Beyond My Writing Space (Book Review)
February 26th –  Feel the Need, The Need to Read (Book Review)
February 26th – Authors You Want to Read (Spotlight)
February 27th – Girls With Books (Spotlight)
February 27th – Juniper Grove (Book Review)

February is shaping up to be a great month. What are you up to this week?


Kelly Hashway said…
Wow, that is a huge tour! I hope it's a great success.
Thanks much, Kelly. It'll be great fun!
Gina Stoneheart said…
Best of luck with your blog tour! It sounds like a hoot.
Trivia Tuesday is a fantastic idea. Trivial Pursuit was also popular in my household growing up.
Thanks, Gina! I'm excited about both the book tour and Trivia Tuesday. Hope you stop by tomorrow for the inaugural post.

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