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Good Monday morning, dear readers.

Today, I'm happy to be featured on Platypire Reviews.  I must admit, before doing the piece, I was woefully uneducated about the existence of the platypire. But now, I gotta say, I'm starting to grow fond of the little thing. Here's a bit of the interview.

When did you start writing?

My first book was a limited-edition, hand-bound volume entitled “The Car.” I was 8. Needless to say, it only sold one copy. To my parents. I strayed from the writing path for many years, and instead focused on my future singing career. I was convinced I could break into the industry as a back-up singer for Barry Manilow. Hey, it was the late seventies, and I was still in grammar school. I cannot be held responsible for pre-adolescent tastes.

It was high school before my love for writing truly reared its head again, but instead of fiction, it came in the form of the high school newspaper. In college, I majored in English with a writing concentration and communications and began freelancing until I got a position with a magazine. I stayed in magazines for several years until I took some time off to raise my children.

While I was supposed to be taking that time off, I had an idea for a book that was too good not to write, so I did. Oops. So much for taking time off.

Do you ever feel frustrated with your work?

Every week.

What makes you keep writing when you get frustrated?

Pure stubbornness. I’ve threatened to quit writing fiction every month for years now, but I realize it’s too much a part of me to let go. Then I have a good cry and get on with it.

Click here to read the entire interview.


Chrys Fey said…
Congratulations on your interview!
Kelly Hashway said…
Sometimes it's good to be stubborn. ;)
@Chrys Fey: Thanks, Chrys!

@Kelly Hashway: Yes, I guess it is. :)

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