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Groovy's a Best Seller

I'm happy to announce that A Groovy Kind of Loveofficially became an Amazon best-selling novel this weekend. It reached #61 on the Romance Literary Fiction list and #79 on the Literary Women's Fiction List.

So now, all three of the Bibliophiles novels, as well as the holiday short story, have hit the best-seller lists at one time or another.

Thank you so much, everyone!

Reflections, Mother's Day 2015


Spring has definitely sprung in Chicagoland. The crabapple tree outside my kitchen window has begun exchanging its gorgeous magenta flowers for green leafy branches.

That tree inspired me to include one just like it in A Groovy Kind of Love. It’s the tree under which Thaddeus and Spring get married. Its appearance is a little nod to my mother. We planted our own crabapple tree in her memory eighteen years ago after she died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Pink was her favorite color, so each year when magenta blooms festoon each branch, coincidentally around Mother’s Day, I can’t help but remember Mom.

I’ve been thinking of Mom a lot lately. Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the states. The weekend prior, my husband and I moved my 75-year-old father from the third floor to the garden apartment of the building in which I basically grew up. We moved there when I was ten. I have snatches of memories from younger days, of course, but most of my cognizant…

Twenty Years of Awesome: BBC's 1995 Pride and Prejudice


Stopping for a second in between the seemingly unending tasks left to do in time for my 75-year-old father’s move, I plopped onto the love seat, careful not to drop the turkey and provolone sandwich on a pretzel bun I had just thrown together for a quick lunch. I turned on the television. Three familiar words shouted out from the on-screen guide.

Pride and Prejudice.

Yes, the BBC production starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Ovation was running a P&P marathon. This episode? Part Four: Elizabeth, along with Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, visits Pemberley.

I couldn’t help myself. It didn’t matter that I had seen it too many times to count, that it is my absolute favorite novel adaptation, and that it was required viewing for my two sons as soon as they were old enough to understand it. “I am severely displeased” has become part of our family jargon.

P&P’s siren call proved too much for me.

I tuned in right as Elizabeth scales the Peaks.

Ahhhh, my happ…