Groovy Called 'The Perfect Summer Read'

Greetings, Bibliophiles.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

A Groovy Kind of Love received some nice words from Windy City Reviews last week.

"A Groovy Kind of Love is the third and last book of Karen Wojcik Bernerʼs Bibliophiles trilogy. This unlikely love story focuses on two free-spirited book-obsessed Naperville residents and their unconventional-yet-compelling relationship."

"Bernerʼs loving description of the former Marshall Field's and downtown Chicago Public Library branch will bring back wonderful memories to readers who experienced these marvels as children." 

"What a pleasure to read such a life-affirming novel. A Groovy Kind of Love is the perfect summer read."

To read the entire review, click here.

Have a great week!


BECKY said…
Hi Karen! Congratulations on the wonderful review! Where can I buy this awesome book??
Hi, Becky. You can purchase A Groovy Kind of Love paperbacks at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Ebooks are available through iTunes, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Smashwords. Click on the table above labeled Books and scroll down to Groovy's section. All the links are there. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you.
Kelly Hashway said…
Congrats! This is certainly great news. :)

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