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All Hallow's Eve with the Bibliophiles

In my second book, Until My Soul Gets It Right, members of the bibliophiles book club take a field trip to All Hallow's Eve at Naper Settlement, an outdoor living history museum. I thought it might be fun to share their experience here. Happy Halloween!

Excerpt from Until My Soul Gets It Right

Copyright © 2012 by Karen Wojcik Berner
Maple trees blazed brilliant reds and oranges, while elms burst golden yellows. Leaves of all sizes rode through the sky on gentle breezes, while the sun presided over this glorious sixty-three-degree day. Pumpkins rested on doorsteps and house stairs, waiting to be carved. Ghouls hung from trees. Graveyards sprouted up on front lawns. Catherine had forgotten how much she enjoyed Halloween in the Midwest. The purples, rusts, and golds of the mums. The front bushes covered in fake spider webs. There was mischief in the air. “Sure you don’t want to come?” she asked Will while fluffing her hair.
“No, you go ahead. I’m exhausted.” Golfing eighteen holes, pl…

Off to a Great Start

It's October! Time for what I call "The Trifecta of Fun," which includes my birthday, our anniversary, and, of course, Halloween. Is there any doubt October is my favorite month?

As I flipped my calendar to the month of awesomeness, I was greeted by a notice of a new Amazon review for A Groovy Kind of Love.

4.0 out of 5 stars   Thaddeus Mumblegarden!

Rich character development and a great story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The name Thaddeus Mumblegarden sticks in my head! Great laugh out loud moments as well as sweet romance. A Lifetime movie for sure!

Thanks, Denise.