It's Read an E-book Week


As part of "Read an E-book Week," all three of my novels, as well as my Christmas digital short story, are FREE on Smashwords from today until March 11.

A ton of Smashwords authors, publishers, and readers are participating in this week-long celebration that offers thousands of free and deeply discounted e-books of all genres. It's a reader's paradise! Learn more about "Read an E-book Week" here and here

You'll need the Smashwords coupon codes to get the Bibliophiles books for free, so here you go. 

Coupon Code: LA87U
Coupon Code: VJ32Z

Coupon Code: DL97H
Coupon Code: UM35H

If you're on Twitter, the hashtags to follow are #ebookweek and #Smashwords. While you're there, feel free to visit me, too.

Happy Reading!


Chrys Fey said…
It's read an E-Book Week and I haven't been reading e-books all year so far. Yikes!
Like Chrys, I've been on a paperback kick. I guess I need to read an ebook.

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