Read an E-book Week


It's Read an E-book Week!

About 25% of bibliophiles regularly use some form of e-reader, whether it be Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, or iPhone. Smashwords has a huge promotion going on now that includes deep discounts on many of your favorite e-books, including mine.

For this week only, A WHISPER TO A SCREAM and A BIBLIOPHILE CHRISTMAS are both free. UNTIL MY SOUL GETS IT RIGHT and A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE are only $1. That's a lot of reading pleasure for very little money. Click here to go directly to the Bibliophiles promotion.

So, grab an e-book today, and I'll see you Wednesday for Editing for Grammarphobes 2.0.



Anonymous said…
I was wondering if your books were discounted, too! I already have them all, but I'm sure you've just made some other readers happy. :)
There are so many books in this promotion, it's a bibliophiles' dream. I need to go check it out for myself! Thanks again for getting the Bibliophiles series, angel011.

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